Friday, January 10, 2014


SLO Little Theatre is doing this play in the next few months, and I was intrigued by the father/mathematician character - so I bought the script to see what it was really like. Fascinating, quick read (couple hours max). This play explores many things: love, science/math, genius/insanity, family, and even has a mystery element to it. You will relate if you're trying to decide whether to fear or hope that you become like your parent(s).

Update: I auditioned for the father/mathematician role. I told you it was intriguing to me. My first theater audition ever. It's a little daunting to prepare and present "two contrasting monologues". I thought about backing out at the last minute, but realized this would be my only opportunity to show off what I'd put hours into. So I auditioned. Audience of one, the director. Felt surprisingly good. Afterward, I mentioned to a friend that I couldn't remember saying half the lines; he said that was a good sign. I didn't get the part; nobody goes one for one. Except Serafina.

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