Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Free Play

Subtitled: Improvisation in Life and Art. An engaging book about collaborative improvisation. Collaborating with others, with Nature, with your unconscious. A gifted teacher improvises within a framework that involves herself, the students, and their environment - to great effect! Musicians will delight in his descriptions of creating wondrous music; the author is a violinist and makes many a point with his stringed journeys.If only simplicity weren't the most difficult thing in the world...

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Empires of Trust

I thought I knew something about the Roman Empire and how the United States is following the same path. I didn't. And before you think you've got it all down, too, I'd suggest reading this book. There have not been many "empires of trust," find out the stuff they're made of and the good they do for the world.


The Elegant Universe

This book is so well written that I actually began to understand some of the more complex topics of cosmology: superstrings, hidden dimensions, etc. It's about String Theory, and while maybe a little outdated at this point (10 years old), it's so clearly written as to remain extremely valuable. I've read many books on cosmology; this is the best so far.



An excellent summary of what our forefathers tried to do, how we've let the government take us astray, and how to get freedom and prosperity (they go together) back. An open-minded American of any party persuasion can benefit from this read.


Lone Survivor

An amazing story of how a Navy Seal trained and went into battle outnumbered hundreds to four - and became the one of the four to survive. It's the survivor's story told in his own words. It was hard to put down...


The Man Who Found Time

Having an affinity for geology, this one readily caught my attention. James Hutton never really received the well-known-ness that Galileo, Copernicus, and Darwin did; but he should have. Hutton discovered that time went back much farther than was held in that day, and found the geological proof for that. An image of the unconformity at Siccar Point is often my computer's wallpaper. Great, quick read.