Friday, February 5, 2016

Wit (W;t)

Having gotten "into" theatre, my world of reading interests has greatly expanded. Almost routinely now I'll order scripts to read when plays come around that I know nothing about. "Wit" is one of these. I just finished it last night (pretty quick read). As the playwright herself puts it, "The play is not about doctors or even about cancer. It's about kindness, but it shows arrogance. It's about compassion, but it shows insensitivity." It's pretty heavy but has its light moments. And guess what? It's witty! The SLO Little Theatre will be running this show April 29 – May 15, 2016.

Friday, January 29, 2016

St. Augustine's Confessions

This is one of those tomes that I've managed to avoid all my life. Disadvantage me. I got motivated to give it a go when then men's reading group at church (which I cannot attend due to timing) took it up. So, after the intro and three full chapters, I'm all in. Pretty heavy, lots of references, fascinating ideas, phrases that turn in all manner of ways. Very religious, obviously, so don't be surprised. I even got excited telling Lynn she might want to plow through the first chapter or two because of the babyhood, parenting, learning, discipline, and related topics covered.