Monday, January 3, 2011

The 4-Hour Body

How's this for a new year's book, resolution and all! It's no wonder I like this book; the author thinks like I think and writes like I'd like to write. I asked Matt why a 600-page book to explain a 4-hour-per-week program... Actually, the author explains this right off the bat - you can read about 150-page sets (he has four such sets depending on what you want to accomplish) and get everything you need. The rest is the science, the anecdotes, the background for those who care. Learn about predisposed versus predestined, minimum effect dose, why a calorie isn't a calorie, the B.S. in marketers' speak about diet programs, and taking pictures of what you eat (with your cell phone) rather than keeping a food journal. Learn about Slow Carbs. You'll really like binge day, and you'll be surprised how often it comes around. And don't forget the 10-20 minutes twice a week with a kettlebell - it's practically a miracle exercise.

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